Kista is a great student city

Kista has everything you need as a new student in Stockholm. It is a lively student city, so you will be surrounded by many other students when living in UNITY Kista Campus.
In addition, Kista has a strong infrastructure so you can quickly get around the city and further into Stockholm.

UNITY Kista Campus is close to restaurants, bars, food market, bowling alleys, go-karting and a large shopping center, but also many beautiful nature areas where you can be active when not studying.

With thousands of people commuting to Kista every day for work and studies, UNITY Kista Campus offers a great place to live for students who want to live with other like-minded people.

Do you also want to be part of a youthful city, in a study environment where community is in focus?

Recreational areas with beautiful nature

UNITY Kista Campus is a popular choice for students, especially since the area also offers several green areas that are perfect for picnics or sports games. If you like running, there are many beautiful routes nearby, including Kvarnbacksberget.

For those who want to challenge their friends, Järva Disc Golf Park is just a 10-minute bike ride away.

Neighbour to the vibrant life of Stockholm

It only takes 18 minutes to get from Kista to Stockholm to study or shop in the big city. Hop on the metro and experience all that Stockholm has to offer. 

UNITY Kista Campus is brilliant for any young person who wants a great student accommodation close to the pulse of the city and affordable for students. 

An added bonus is Campus’ special community, as the building houses so many other students who want to party and experience the city together.

Excellent infrastructure

Getting around the city is super easy when you live in UNITY Kista Campus.

You can park your bike safely in UNITY Kista Campus and use it to quickly reach nearby parks and restaurants, but you can also use the metro, which is just a few minutes’ walk from your accommodation.
There is also a bus stop right outside UNITY Kista Campus that you can use.

Kista is known for its highly efficient infrastructure that connects the bustling hub with the rest of Stockholm and the surrounding area.

Shopping and
food court

Kista Galleria is close to the student accommodations at Campus, which means that many residents often come here to shop. The shopping center in Kista is one of the largest in Sweden and filled with all the well-known brands and shops. 

In addition, you can visit the popular food market M.E.E.T. in the middle of Kista Galleria, which offers exciting dishes from all over the world.