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Discounted rent
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Share a co-living accommodation with your friends 

Live with other students in a
co-living accommodation

UNITY Kista has co-living accommodations that can be shared between several students. 

In a co-living unit in UNITY Kista you get your own studio with a private bathroom, and open the door to a common kitchen, dining area and living room that you share with your new roommates.

Have you heard about co-living?

Co-living is a new and modern form of housing that has the advantage of several people sharing the rent.

You have the convenience of a large accommodation with a kitchen and living room, but you can also retreat and enjoy the privacy of your own studio. At the same time, you have the toilet and bathroom all to yourself, as each studio has its own spacious bathroom.

At UNITY Kista, the co-living accommodations are already furnished, so all you and your new roommates need to focus on is personalizing your new home and making it a great place to live!

A modern co-housing community

Living in a co-living accommodation is an easy way to get to know other people. You can cook together in the kitchen, have movie nights on the couch and study together around the dining table.
You will always be surrounded by roommates to chat with and you’ll share the expenses of the accommodation.

Community is at the heart of co-living, so as a new student in a new city, you can benefit greatly from the close-knit neighborhood of the co-living concept.

As a student, a co-living accommodation is a flexible and affordable option – Are you ready to meet your new roomies?