A day at
UNITY Kista Campus

Let’s introduce you to your
new student life

UNITY Kista Campus is here to give you the best student life experience. You get a comfortable and furnished student accommodation with everything you need within easy reach.
From sunrise over Kista to bedtime streaming in your new designer bed.

Start your day with free access
to morning workouts

Skip the expensive fitness subscription. At UNITY Kista Campus your training is included in the rent. You get access to the fully equipped gym so you can start your day in the best possible way.

Breakfast and ready to study

Enjoy breakfast in your own accommodation before cycling or taking the metro to school. If you have a ‘stay at home day’, you can study and do assignments at your own multifunctional designer desk.

Naturally, UNITY Kista Campus offers low-cost Wi-Fi for you to connect to.

Student accommodation with community
and good facilities

If you are looking for a good student accommodation, you are more than welcome here at UNITY Kista Campus.
We believe that community is the key to a great student life. That’s why our building is always buzzing with life: study groups in the lounge, hours of sunshine on the roof terrace, events and workouts in our gym.

When you don’t feel like socializing, you can retreat to your own furnished accommodation and enjoy the peace and quiet. We have created a comfortable environment for you to relax in.
Free fitness, cool lounge areas for group work, laundry facilities and kitchens for communal dining are just some of the great facilities you have access to when living in UNITY Kista Campus.

Coffee break with your study buddies

There are plenty of small, cozy meeting places for you and your friends at UNITY Kista Campus. Invite the study group to your accommodation or grab a coffee at the local café.

Enjoy the view from the roof terrace

When you are not studying, you can go up on the roof terrace and enjoy the sun.
The roof top terrace is one of our favorite places for social gatherings. Especially since the view of Kista and the surrounding green area is so beautiful.
It’s also a great place to meet new friends on a sunny day.

Enjoy a quiet evening in your own accommodation

After a long and demanding day at school, we’ve made sure you can return home and relax in your own comfortable accommodation. Crawl into bed and watch your favorite series.
Tomorrow is a new day at UNITY Kista Campus.