UNITY Kista Co-living

Share a co-living accommodation

Live together in co-living accommodations

Living together is a lot more fun. Find your new and social community in our affordable co-living studios.

You get your own studio with a private bathroom and share a large communal kitchen, dining room and living room with your new roommates.

What is co-living?

Living in a co-living accommodation is a modern and social form of housing where the community is in focus.

At UNITY Kista, we offer several co-living accommodations where you get your own studio with bathroom, but share a living room, common area and kitchen with several other roomies.

Both your studio and common area are fully furnished in a modern style, so you can easily move in and start using it right away.

We’ve made it easy to settle in, and all you have to do is focus on getting to know your new roommates.

Move in and meet your new friends

Co-living is a modern cohousing solution where you get security, comfort and community included in your home.
If you’re new to Kista or your workplace, co-living is a quick way to meet new people and form new friendships.

Get a flexible and convenient studio in UNITY Kista’s co-living units – Your new friends are included.